Curt Blanchard

Living with art is good for you.

This isn't a commercial site. It's a visual online portfolio where I keep and display some of my work. 

I graduated with a degree in Illustration from the Rhode Island School of Design. I have always been deeply interested in the Arts. Drawing, photography, assemblage, painting, music, and anything/everything visual.

I met and married my wife, Betsy, also a RISD student, before my fifth year there. Within a few years of graduation I joined a firm that designed, sourced, and imported consumer products for the home. For more than forty years I designed and located manufacturers for these products made in ceramics, metals, plastics, and glass. I worked on-site, directly with factories in Europe and Asia with particular focus in China during the last twenty years.

My degree in Illustration proved invaluable as I found myself working with hundreds of talented people who spoke no English. Our common ground was my ability to draw for the production engineers and designers at factory level. We'd work out product details and design issues on paper so that prototypes could be made from my drawings. Working visually one-on-one with the people who would be producing these goods proved to be very efficient. Misinterpretations and misunderstandings were greatly minimized resulting in products being brought to market with shortened lead times.

Betsy and I now live in Tucson, Arizona where I write and review products for the Amazon Vine program and for I am an officer in the Tucson Macintosh Users Group.

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